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Hands & Feet

Whether you're looking for the perfect manicure or are in need of a medical pedicure, you can enjoy the most perfect Hands & Feet treatments at our Salon.


If you want a gorgeous manicure that looks stunning and lasts, then Shellac manicure is for you.

  • First, your technician files your nails and cleans your cuticles & cuts away dead skin.

  • Then a dehydrator is applied to remove any oil from the nails then a thin, even base coat is applied.

  • Next, your nails are painted with the colour of your choice.

  • After that, your nails are left to cure under a lamp.

  • An additional coat is then applied and left to cure.

  • Next, a top coat is applied and your nails are cured under a lamp.

  • Lastly, your hands are cleaned up & cuticle oil may be applied

This treatment takes longer than a classic manicure, but as a Shellac manicure lasts up to two weeks, it’s well worth the wait. We work on many professional brands including Indigo Nails.